Corporate Fashion

Corporate Fashion

Polos, T-shirts, shirts, chef's vests, bodywarmers, softshells, jackets, aprons and so on. ​​​​​​​We provide your business or your brand a complete work equipment!

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Corporate fashion for your company & brand

Together we develop a clothing collection or garment that fully meets your wishes. This can range from polo to fleece jacket and from t-shirt to apron. We design and produce your clothing completely according to your wishes via complete customization.

The customization goes further than just working with PMS colours. You decide where a detail, accessory or bag should be placed. This allows you to create the perfect clothing for your specific profession.

IIn this way you not only ensure a satisfied staff team, but also that your brand is presented correctly and in a unique way, because you are designing clothing that does not yet exist!

Correct, specific
​​​​​​​PMS colours

All your clothing in the one and only correct PMS colours!

Clothing for all types special departments

Clothing for all types of departments or sectors

An entire
​​​​​​​tailor-made outfit

An outfit completely according to your brand guideline, from head to toe

All types of clothing
​​​​​​​from polo to apron

All types of clothing: from t-shirt to jacket and from chef's vest to fleece


Our fun specials such as the Christmas sweaters are absolutely not to be missed!

Tailor-made collection
​​​​​​​for the entire staff

A suitable outfit for the entire team! From warehouse manager to CEO


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We create whatever you want!

Completely in your design, in your style, in your colors, with your printing, in the quality to your wishes and within your budget! From concept to delivery!

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