EK: Scoring with Sportlife chewing gum

Let your brand score during the European Football Championship together with the well-known chewing gum brand Sportlife!

Who is playing today? Where? What time? Your brand solves these questions!

All sports enthusiasts or supporters of the European Football Championship will surely recognize these questions. Who is playing again tonight? Where is the match being played? At what time? When is the next home game? Oops, how did our national anthem go again? 

With the EC chewing gum from the well-known brand Sportlife, you as a company are already scoring at the EC football! This special EC packaging is equipped with all useful information about the EC football. From match schedule to groups and to national anthem! 

A fresh breath after an evening of watching football

Moreover, a pack of chewing gum is the ideal gift to give away during the European Football Championship! A football match is often watched cozily in a group with a snack and a drink... or multiple drinks. So a chewing gum can certainly come in handy!

Conclusion: With this EC chewing gum, you are guaranteed to score!

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