CSR & Sustainable statement

Vision: Let's grow in the right, responsible way

We strive for a sustainable future that continuously improves the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community. To grow in a responsible manner, it is important to take into account: People - Planet - Profit. This basic principle is fully implemented in our corporate culture and plays an important role in making strategic decisions and is reflected in our day-to-day activities.

Mission: Creating an impact together

As a link between producer and end customer, we are aware that we can play an important role in corporate social responsibility and environmentally friendly business operations. Given our type of customers, many A and B brands, we can also reflect this on society and generate a significant impact.

On the one hand, we ensure that all our productions and partners have the necessary certificates and work as ecologically as possible. Both new and existing suppliers are screened on a regular basis and are asked to submit their corporate social responsibility plans.

On the other hand, we advise all our clients on the most sustainable options and we emphasize the importance of corporate social responsibility. Our general communications and marketing campaigns are based on environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible initiatives, through which we recommend and try to take the sustainable path.

By working in this way, we encourage all our customers to choose the most sustainable opportunities and we ensure that all our partners work as ecologically as possible.

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