Why choose personalized bags

Opportunity with every sale or customer contact

One of the most underestimated marketing or branding tools is a custom tote bag. The logic behind this is very simple, yet it is often overlooked. When you sell something to a customer or give something away, you package it in a bag for convenience. And this is the case with every sale and every customer. Talk about an opportunity!

A unique, handy bag is being kept track of

Every household keeps several carrier bags that they use for multiple occasions. Specifically, this means that your company/brand is seen by your customer or prospect on a weekly or even daily basis! Usually, a bag is kept that is very user-friendly, beautiful, or unique.

Turn your expense into an investment

As a company or brand, you are obliged to package your goods. You decide whether this becomes a cost or an investment.

A small expense: a standard unprinted bag that goes straight in the trash.

A smart, small investment: a reusable bag with your own design and information.

Save on high marketing costs

Marketing quickly costs a lot of money and in many cases also time. Moreover, there are 101 reasons why an expensive campaign or advertisement can fail. Therefore, the power of a shopping bag is certainly not to be underestimated. 1 bag that is used for all weekly groceries? Make sure this is yours!

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