Ramblaz helps your company through the storm!

Ramblaz launches a special promotion to help companies through the storm!

Fortunately we have passed the Ciara & Dennis storms, but unfortunately not without a fight. Many companies are struggling with storm damage and that is why Ramblaz is starting a special campaign to help these companies

Belgium has had a hard time in a few weeks in terms of weather conditions. No fewer than 2 storms have swept through the country with all its consequences.
It was dangerous to go outside, trees fell down and events were canceled.

But companies are also faced with the consequences of these high wind speeds.
Banners are destroyed or blow away, flags tear or blown away, high poles fall over and so on.

This is a very unpleasant situation, because these items are the company's sign and ensure that they are visible in their environment.

"At Ramblaz we always try to be ready to help companies out of need" Marc, CEO
Providing a good visibility of the company in society is in line with what we do exactly. By custom-made branding you ensure that you are seen with your target group." 

If we looked around us the recent weeks, we saw enough. Everywhere was damage somewhere and especially to flags or banners. Because we can also make flags and banners ourselves, it felt strange to see. 

"That is why we postpone all our planned marketing activities and we launch a banner and flag promotion" Joren, Marcom manager
The business community is already busy enough and companies must now also deal with storm damage. A company should not be concerned with this.

During this promotion we lower our prices to our absolute minimum price. This promotion runs until 31 March, so that all companies have time to occupy themselves with the provision of new banners and flags.

Gepubliceerd op 2 maart 2020 door Joren Barée

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