How to beat the coronavirus?

The answer to the question "how to beat the corona virus" is very simple: choose European productions!

China's economic barriers
In addition to health damage, the coronovirus also causes a great deal of economic damage and obstacles. 

Many chinese productions are closed, there are extra safety measures, which causes transport delays and there is no certainty when this will be solved. This makes doing business with China not so easy.

If possible, we currently recommend avoiding China as much as possible

The solution to circumvent this problem is very simple: opt for european productions! 

European productions are not bothered by the Coronavirus and therefore these productions also have no trade barriers. Most stock productions can even deliver within a period of 1 week! 

Moreover, a "Made in EU" story is always appreciated by your customers or target group! 

Gepubliceerd op 20 februari door Joren Barée

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