Tom & Co

The Tom & Co group is one of the franchiser groups with which we collaborate. This group has a network of more than 140 points of sale, yet we offer a personal service to every point of sale. 

We visit all stores to present the collection, announce novelties and even to organize fitting days. Tom & co has chosen us as a partner because of the custom made clothing and the associated, unique customized service. 

The corporate clothing was the original assignment, but one of the advantages of Ramblaz is that you can come to us for any form of personalization. 
Tom & Co also could not look past this. In the meantime, we may also develop gadgets, bags, and many more. 

In order to offer the customer a competitive price, we regularly organize a group purchase, but with a unique store personalization. 

Why Ramblaz?
▰ Personal service for every store
▰ Custom made items
▰ Create whatever you want
▰ Group purchases

Discover some of our Tom & Co items in the collage below!

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We create whatever you want!

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