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KU Leuven

The royal university of Leuven, with 20,500 employees and 58,000 students, is the largest university in the Low Countries. For a college or university, branding is of the utmost importance to gain brand awareness and to recruit potential students. 

For this reason it is very interesting to choose Ramblaz. We can develop any product and you no longer have to work with 100 different suppliers. This allows you to save a lot of time and invest this time in a useful way.

Especially the gadgets and give-aways are well represented at colleges or universities. This can range from pens to lanyards and from mugs to earplugs.
T-shirts and especially hoodies are also trendy for students.

Why Ramblaz?
▰ Personal service 
▰ Close cooperation
▰ All kind of custom made items

Discover some of our KU Leuven items in the collage below!

We create whatever you want!

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